Tips for entrance



Competitors take part in the Winter Swimming Championships at their own risk. Nobody suffering from flu or fever or the effects of alcohol is permitted to swim.  If there are some special risks regarding the health of the competitor, it must be made known to the first aiders at the competition place.




1. Every competitor must register no later than ONE HOUR PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED SWIMMING TIME


2. Upon registration, each swimmer will be provided with a race card/competition pass and instructions. The swimmers must keep the pass with them at all times. By showing the pass swimmers will be allowed into the changing, washing and sauna rooms.


Details of the race are on the race card:
- the time to go to the changing room
- assembly time
- competitors personal category, race number and race time


3. A competitor goes to the facilities (sauna area etc.) at the changing time marked on the pass. There are open lockers for the use of competitors.  Competitors leave their belongings in the lockers at their own risk, as there are no locks available. After the competition competitors must empty the lockers. Valuables can safely be left in the hall on the ground floor ahead of the changing rooms. After washing and sauna (which is not compulsory) a competitor puts a swimsuit on and gets dressed then makes their way to the competition place.


4. From the changing rooms/sauna competitors go to the assembly point in the swimming hall. There are chairs numbered by the lanes for each competitor for a given race.  A competitor takes the seat number marked on the pass. He/she waits until the organiser leads the team to the competition place outside. Competitors must register at the assembly point no later than the time marked on the pass.


5. The starter gives the instruction: ”TAKE OFF EXTRA CLOTHES” and the competitor obeys promptly, and puts the clothes into a basket. By instruction ”INTO THE WATER” all competitors move without hesitation along the steps into the pool up to the height of their shoulders and grips the handrail of the steps to get ready for the start. Officials standing behind the lanes keep red flags raised until the swimmer is in the correct position and the shoulders are under the water surface. When necessary the official recommends the swimmer to go lower. When all the red flags have gone down the start director raises his/her hand to indicate to the starter, who instructs the competitors: ”GET SET” at which time the swimmers must not move. When the klaxon sounds it indicates the start of the race. False starts will not be called back. It will result in a 5-second penalty being added onto the race time. Blatant false starts will result in disqualification. The decisions of false starts will be made by the starter and the swim director.


6. A competitor must swim according to the competition rules. To finish, each competitor must touch the number on the board at the end of the swimming lane.


7. After the race competitors must leave the water and take their clothes from the basket which will have been brought to them.  Competitors return to the swimming hall on one’s own initiative. In the swimming hall swimmers will be given medals for participation.




1. The swimmers in Norppa and Kuutti series confirm their participation to the reception area at the Winter Swimmers sauna club before their swimming. The swimming time is any time between 09.30 –16.00 hrs.  If the pool is very busy swimmers must wait their turn.


2. In the changing rooms men and women have separate areas. There are coat racks where clothes may be left. Everyone is responsible for their own belongings. Valuables can safely be left in the reception area. After changing into swimsuit, swimmers can either swim or dip in the water. This is not supervised or a timed swim. The sauna is communal and swimsuits are compulsory.


3. After the swim/dip swimmers will be given medals for participation and then they return to washing and sauna rooms. It is desirable that changing and washing will be completed quickly.